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Picture me pretty….

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i walk on fingers crossed…

You know on Christmas morning when your done opening gifts and then suddenly you spot one tiny little gift still waiting to be opened under the tree?  Everyone looks at it in excitement waiting to see whose gift it is.  Its yours.  You are filled with a new curiosity and joy in opening the last gift, a feeling you didn’t have for any other gift youve opened.  Anyway, thats the feeling I get when I look through plastic sfoonss blog.

I ‘oh’ and ‘ah’ at all the pictures all by my lonesome.  I say allowed words of affirmation and nod my head in agreeance to all the lovely quotes.  I smile when I love the pretty pictures and I laugh when one reminds me slightly of myself.  This blog is just a compilation of everyone else’s photos and quotes, but I love it….my heart really loves looking through it.

Here are some of my favorites…

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Story time through pictures….

because im having a hard time believing the world when they say…

They are forcing it down my throat, they keep screaming….

but I have this feeling…

my mind is waging war on itself saying let go….

But I cant, I simply cannot, so I continue the battle and  remind myself….

And I try to scream at the top of my lungs letting everyone know….

but their battle isnt mine, so I focus on myself knowing….

and I calm the outside voices and I sit myself down to apologize, I say…

Did you hear that heart?  I am sorry and….

I will stay true to myself and let them all know….

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Which fruits are you feeding?

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Where have you been hiding?

Come out, come out wherever you are….

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Boys and Dating Toys

Had a great dinner with a friend the other night and got to talking about dating.  My wheels have been turning for a while now as to what and who I want to date next (haha as if its some hockey roster) and Ive began writing up a few golden rules in my head trying to figure it out.  Lately ive tried doing a list of things that I want in a relationship but quite frankly I sucked at it.  If I knew what I wanted, I would have it already.  Sure I want all those qualities that most people talk about (funny, creative, friendship, blah blah) but there are also qualities that are so wonderful, big and captivating that I have never been introduced too or could even imagine, so I dont even know that I want them yet (which is so exciting for me).  What I have figured out is what I dont want.

I’ve had conversations with some of my friends that blog about the rules of blogging about your heart.  Where do you draw the line on things you feel, want to express, and therapeutically spew from your mouth online?  Dating for me has always been a kind of off limits topic on my blog.  And then I realized why the heck would it be.  Gosh, if some guy I date a couple times wants to google my butt and pick up a few tips for the future, by all means be my guest, it makes it easier on me! So on that note here is a peek at my list….oh and a forewarning, tact on these matters isn’t exactly my greatest strength.

One:  This one is number one for a reason cause it always friggin well happens.  If I can have you, I dont want you.  This doesn’t last forever so don’t push your luck but in the beginning don’t hand yourself over on some platter.  Im sure your a handsome, funny, crazy man that has a bunch of options in women and life so realize that and act like that; confident not arrogant its so bloody charming.

Two:  Be a leader, have a voice, form opinions….state them.  Believe it or not, not all woman are not bra burning broads that want to take the reigns all the time.  As a matter of fact with my dating history it is officially safe to say it is a scientific FACT that with me if you cant lead, I cant follow, which means I lead and then we have a mess on our hands so for both of our sakes just make some decisions.

Three:  Keep me on my toes forever and always.  I get bored, I drift, I dream, the moment my life becomes redundant I run for the hills.  To have the same thing every day scares the living crap out of me so change it up and always keep me guessing.  I pretty much need to know that on any given day we can up and join the circus or move to a new continent, even if we never do it, I need to know the option is there.

Four:  Lighten up.  Please smile and laugh, be fun, create, enjoy things.  Those sensitive, dark, emotional men are captivating and I loves it, but if you cant enjoy life than I pretty much cant enjoy my time with you.

Five:  Dont be needy, for the love of God DO NOT be needy or any other word related too or sounding like needy (clingy, pouty, leach, lifeless).  Needy makes me feel claustrophobic and when I feel claustrophobic I have a tendency of making really rash decisions or moving to other countries…literally.

Six:  Get your sh*t together.  Please dont come to me all burdened and broken.  I dont care to fix you.  We all have our dysfunctions and as the story has been told in my life, a little dysfunction here or there gets me every time but moderation guys, please keep it in moderation.  We can fight through things together and all that ra-ra-ra jazz and I will always be your number one supporter  (ohh that is a lovely strength of mine) but if you come to me expecting for me to fight harder than you do at your own mess than your SOL.

Seven:  I want space.   This          much         space     !       !       !   Nothing is wrong, we dont need to talk about it, I simply like being alone sometimes and I hope you do too.  Please have your own life, dont lose your life when we meet and dont expect me to give up mine either.    S      P      A      C     E    !!!!!!

Eight:  The moment you need me more than you want me is the moment I jet.  Everyone loves to be needed and I hope to get out of self one day soon enough to need someone as well but I dont ever want to need someone more than I want them or desire them nor do I want that in a partner.

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Makes me giggle…


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My bride and I

You know those days that last forever, the lovely ones?  I suppose the day itself doesn’t last forever but the memory does, the constant reminiscing and smiling about it does.  I had one of those days in Beijing spent with a wonderful friend Tim in the 798 Art District.  That day, Tim spoiled me with refreshing honesty; we filled our tummies with too many coffees and cigarettes, and spilt from our lips stories that get to stay secrets from continents apart.  And on that very special day Tim also introduced me to some fabulous works of art that made my stomach turn with excitement at the beauty of creativity.  I think I am in need of another one of those days….

Our first stop of the day was a photo gallery that Tim loves, there I saw Qiu Zhens photography and fell in love.  I really enjoy the photos and being the sucker for love that I am, I equally adore the concept behind them; I’m pretty sure I may know an artist or two that feels the same, so possibly it was the relation.  Either way, I loved his work and thought I would share some of it.

Excerpt Artist Statement:

My bride and I
It was two years ago that I came to this city, full of dreams in heart.
Beijing is an ancient and yet modern city. Old and new mingle in this ever-changing metropolis. There are modern buildings and flourishing economy, which people gravitate towards. There are people with power and money as well as common people. There are expressways and flyovers as well as huge traffic jams. There are high-rises and large mansions as well as compounds crammed by many households. There are white-collar workers as well as those who toil. This is the city where I make a living, a city full of contrasts, things which are old and new, under construction, about to be demolished. In Beijing, all things come together, be it royal, or temporal, gallant or filthy, dream-like or realistic, festive or depressing.
I am exactly in this city but ‘SHE’ seems to be far away from me. Things seem there but are hard to get hold of. My emotion about HER becomes hazier and hazier. SHE is my desire, my dream and my faraway bride.
How do I describe this city? I attempt to draw a clear picture, but it turns to be a piece of doodle.
During the past two years, in this city, I sometimes have the illusion to be in a place between reality and dream.
I cannot express the feeling with words I can only attempt to describe it with the images deep in my heart.
I love this city but I also live in it with panic.
However, I would still pursue my dream, with love, pain, hope, despair and, above all, with my dear bride?

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