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Teach me please!!!!

I am so IN LOVE with this fabulous crochet art.  I MUST learn to create this way.  My future home will have crochet everything in one million colors.  I can hardly wait!



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Stepping Away…

The only analogy I can come up with is this: it’s like God is an abstract artist…and when you’re real close to a painting like this, its hard to focus, its blurred, and you cant see whats going on.  You have to walk really far back and then the whole painting comes into focus and you can see what the artist was doing.
Thats what this experience is like for us.  We’re just really, really close to this mess…but I think the further we get away from it, in time, the more we’re going to see this picture come into focus.  Man, its a really big one too, so we’ll have to walk pretty far away.
~Caleb Chapman, from MarthBeth Chapman’s book Choosing to See

I love to think in paintings.  Often I daydream myself into a beautiful painting and just stay there, quitely soaking in the scenary for a while.  Lately when my mind paints away pictures of life or of myself, my paintings seem so unidentifiable.  Stiff, grey objects, with splashes of red,  sorrow covering the canvas and hope faded away.  These painting have little light, just small dashes of color, and an overtaking grey.  I want so badly for my mind and heart to paint in color again.

I found this artist the other day and I fell head over heals.  I would LOVE Francoise Nielly to paint me!  This amazingly talented artist steals my heart when I see the color and life in her paintings.  Every subject I look at I imagine myself as them; centred in color, ozzing life and boldness from every crevas of my face.  One day I will be painted in this light, my face will tell a bright story, my eyes will be lifted and my heart will be found somewhere in the beautiful mess of color.

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Before I die…

I am in love with Candy Chang; a public installation artist, designer, urban planner, and co-founder of Civic Center who likes to make cities more comfortable for people.  Other than her obsession with maps, im pretty much in love with all her uplifting fun projects.

My favorite project she has done is her most recent “Before I die…”.  I find these ideas so inspiring and brilliant!  I would love to sit back and read a million answers of what people would do before they die (then I would be really interested to know if they actually accomplished that dream).  Love it!

Or how about these little stickers of brillianace???  Each and every one of them make me ohhh and awe!

Here’s some more magical lovelyness…

I dont know about you, but Mrs fancy Cindy Chang’s art makes me want to actually BE a part of these projects, if only our little PC city would allow such atrocities on our walls!!

BTW, what would you do before you die???


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A story through pictures…

but no matter how many times I say this, I know in my heart…

I just want to go back in time and hit…

and I wish I would have said to him that day…


and without you this seems impossible.


who am I kidding?


but through this mess I still hear your voice.  Jenelle…

you will never be…

but I promise you will find joy again.


and this is BEAUTIFUL!  And Jenny Wren I want you to know…

too. I know this is hard Jenelle but you need to…

Everyday you need to hear me when I say….

and one day soon…

and this time it will be FOREVER!

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Image Source:  The History of Redemption

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Broken Beauty…

I am in Saskatchewan, the land of abandoned homes.  I find myself captivated as I drive past one home after another, deserted at some point along the way.  My daydreaming provides a window for me to conjure up endless stories about why these homes were left behind.  I think about the families that lived there, the memories that were made, the bedrooms that were shared, and the toys that used to be cast about the yard.  These desolate buildings were once a sturdy infrastructure to comfort; they once resembled a home where people loved and laughed.  I’ve decided maybe the broken windows and chipped paint is just a homes way for creating laugh lines…such a better view than just ‘abandoned’
dont ya think?

I wonder what it is about this broken beauty I find so magnetic?
I could look at these homes forever.

Image Sources: 100 Abandoned Houses

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Mysterious Letters

In 2009 Lenka Clayton and Micheal Crowe started a brilliant new project that I simply adore.  They sent out over 1000 personal handwritten letters between two very small towns (one in Poland, one in the US).  They had hoped  “these unsolicited letters would prompt neighbourly discussion, spreading across the town, promoting community curiosity”.  I think this is pure brilliance.  Small towns buzz with enough as is, can you imagine the noise if everyone in town was receiving letters from a perfect stranger?  Love it.

Check out Mysterious Letters to see all their mail being sent out.  And if your really gungho about the project you can even donate money and they will send you a letter as well (larger donations recieve cards written while drunk to increase the oddness I suppose).

I have indeed sent off a few little letters to strangers myself however they are always something uplifting or inspiring.  I think its brillant to send off letters of randomness though.  Wouldnt you be just so thrilled if you were to recieve one of these in the mail?  Oh the thought is dreamy…

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Dear whoever/whatever…

“There’s always something to be thankful for. From the important things like Songs You’re Embarrassed to Like, and Heavy Eyelids that Tell You When You Need to Sleep, to friends and family, love and loneliness, light and darkness, Leah Dieterich sets out to acknowledge them all. thxthxthx is her daily exercise in gratitude.”

Love this blog and love Leahs take on gratitude!  Thanks Alysa for featuring this blog for me, it makes me smile pretty good!

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Paint it forward…

Love Letter is a project that I have absolutely fallen in love with.  Artist Stephen Powers along with the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program is hitting up one street at a time to make Philly a city busting with color.  Stephen splashes buildings with awesome paintings, messages that inspire, that provoke thought and bring about smiles to the community.

“It all begins with one brushstroke—the spark that ignites change. A single brushstroke that causes a ripple effect and transforms our city and the lives of those who live here.  Murals are more than just paint on walls. They create community, inspire individuals, revitalize neighborhoods and give hope. They tell the story of our city and give voice to its people, its cultures, its history and traditions. It is our mission to paint it forward—to help the force of life triumph in every neighborhood of our city.” –City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program

Almost every city I visit, I take one day to explore street art.  I grew up in small towns where you could get lost in the maze of identical homes; everything, every house, every building looked the same.  I remember going to big cities with my family and being so captivated when I saw street art.  I didn’t know why it amazed me so much but I knew it made the things my eyes saw look so much more beautiful, it made places stand apart, and it made me feel something.  I could spend endless days staring at what someone painted on some drab wall and I get this childlike excitement when I find a hidden wall, a hidden treasure, mixed up somewhere along the hustle and bustle of a fast moving, mundane and boring, or dirty looking city.

Calgary, I like you.  I like you because you have potential and what is something, a person, or a place without potential?  You have potential to splash color on every wall in this city, to breathe life into our drab streets and make them come alive.  You have a potential to write pretty words on a buildings that will make someone smile, or plaster our walls with vibrant bright paintings that young and old can appreciate, you have the potential to plant dreams and inspirations in small town girls that get lost in the wonder of your walls when simply driving through.  Calgary please paint, come alive, and breathe in color…black and white is a thing of the past.

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Life in the lifeless…

I found Miru Kims work through her speech on TED talks and I fell in love with her creations.  She refers to herself not as a photographer but instead an artist and an urban explorer who brings life into places that most would look at as lifeless.  She searches out the dark nooks and crannies of a city, the abandoned and forbidden places that most would dare not to venture into and she makes them come to life by simply adding real life (herself) into the setting.  Its beautiful, all of her work I find so capturing!  Check it out!


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