A penny for your thoughts…

Life in the past year and half has been measured by BC and AD, BC meaning “before crash” and AD as in “after Dad”, it used to be “after death” but that sounds much too true…I mean harsh.

The penny has been around my whole life.  From the time I was a little girl I was “collecting” pennies to fill my piggy bank.  The very first stock I ever “bought” was when I was about twelve and it was a “penny” stock.  Now as an adult, I curse the penny eating up space in my wallet and along with most Canadians I happily bid it farewell, or at least I thought it did.

The news has been talking about ending the pennies life for a while now, last week the government announced they are no longer producing pennies and in the very near future the penny will be phased out of businesses.  I read the news quite happy to be getting rid of the littlest pain-in-the-neck brother to the change in my wallet and two hours later I found myself a puddle of tears in bed.

I remember going on a family road trip to somewhere in America as a small Child.  My Dad was on a mission to find a fifty cent coin to show us girls.  We went into small gas stations to ask if they had any, little corner stores, and even asked at restaurants.  Sometimes, if you were really lucky, you would be able to still get your hands on these fifty cent coins.  We never did find any of those coins that trip, but I did find something…I found out how OLD my Dad was!  I mean he was ANCIENT.  Here we were bombing around the US searching for coins for our senior Dad (or so it felt) that surely went out of production a hundred years ago.  In reality it took until 1999 before the fifty cent coin went out of circulation but STILL, my Dad was old enough to know what the coin even was and that made him OLD.

So here I am lying in bed, crying over the end of the penny and I realize, not only will my kids eventually think I am ANCIENT since I lived through the days of pennies and two dollar bills, but it has been FOREVER since my Dad was alive.  My Dad has been gone so long we don’t even use pennies anymore.  Pennies BC, penniless country AD.  It is funny the small things that happen in life that smack you right in the forehead and remind you of your lose.  The penny ending feels like a bully on the playground saying “na-na-na-boo-boo your Dad isn’t a part of this”.  Who knew something so insignificant would bring up so many feelings?

Tomorrow, I am going to search my Dads coin bag for a penny, it will be my memory penny, my last “lucky” penny, my reminder among many of how long it really has been.  A year and a half…slow motion.


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  1. Charl

    Hi Jenelle, from now on, may I suggest you buy Canadian Maple leaf gold coins, even if you only buy 1 coin at a time whenever you can afford it, and put them away for your future kids. Gold is real money, not the pennies and paper bills created by the government at will. Remember that gold was created by the toughest central bank – Mother Earth. She has provided enough for every man’s need, not for every man’s greed. And that’s why gold, which is much scarcer than government money, will always be valuable. 🙂

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