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Sunday Funday!!!

Sundays are my absolute favourite day this time of year.  This one day a week means I get to hang out with my FIANCE all day!  I cant wait to wake up already!

PS: Who else is this lucky to have a fabulous photographer sister to take a million pictures of them?  Thanks sis!


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Dear Dad…

(Poster created by the beautiful Miss Alyssa Chomick Yuhas from welikewelove)

Dear Dad,

So many things have happened in the last few months; I cant believe you’re not here to share these moments with us.  Summer was good, really good actually.  The lake was perfect as always.  John helped me get the boat in the water and I parked it just the way you and I practiced dozens of times.  I nailed it…first try!  Not nearly as confident without you sitting beside me, but that will come.  I never did try to wake board this summer, its just not the same without you.  Suddenly the hard wipeouts and back pains arnt worth it without you being the one to pull me or cheer me on.  Tiffany was a trooper though and she mastered surfing like crazy; you would have loved to watch her, she is a million times better than last year.  Oh and Mom, Tiff, and I are fishermen now…thats kinda fun eh?  The boys came out for their week too; for the first time they never did get around to returning the cans, funny though, cause I think they still got paid.  They were pretty glad to have Uncle Dwight around and mentioned a time or two how proud they are of him coming around to pay the bills for Mom now that you’re gone, haha!  We had family and friends, we had delicious food and plenty of laughs.  Mom held us together.

My birthday hurt.  I cant remember the last birthday I spent without you.  I missed your card.  I spent my day reading accident stuff that we got mail; not fun.  Thankfully though John, Cheryl, and Jessica saved the day and brought me another cake a day or two later, as if they instinctively knew celebrating on a different day would feel better.  It did.

Dad, you missed out on the best day of the whole summer…I GOT ENGAGED!  I am officially getting married, to a farmer to boot!  Quinn proposed on the July 28th.  He did it around the fire with all our family there.  He wanted it to be at a place you loved, to somehow have you share the moment with us.  It was perfect.  I know how much you loved him and I wish so badly you could share this joy with us; it really is amazing.  All those drives, all those tearful conversations, my doubts of ever finding the right man and your encouragement’s that one day I will.  Your words flash back to me as I look at Quinn; he is a visible reminder of all those promises you made to me since I was a young girl.

And so, the planning begins.  And guess what?  It will be an Eston wedding!!  Ive been planning for the last couple weeks…aka ive been an emotional disaster for the past couple of weeks!  I cannot fathom an Eston wedding without you.  Plus im in over my head with ideas and you’re pretty much the only one who could partner up with me perfectly and get things done just the way I see them.  Uncle Lorne, Lou, and Neil have been amazing though.  They have helped and supported me in every chance they can.  Lorne sometimes just shakes his head but even that makes me feel better because it reminds me of you.  Today Neil taught me how to drive a tractor and I spent the afternoon in some godly huge machine jerking my way around mowing the lawn.  I could almost see you standing at the other end of the yard, laughing and proud.  This wedding is tough without you.  I wish you could come back, if even just for the day, I would even take ten minutes so you could walk me down the aisle; who am I kidding, I would take anything.

So there it is…a great summer, a painful summer.  A summer filled with blessings.  Before this happened I would have never thought I could make it through this.  Then it happened and I dreaded a summer without you.  Once again, I thought when summer came I would never get through it.  But I did, we did.  You would be amazed by your girls.  We have done so much learning, and growing, and loving.  I miss hearing you tell me how proud you are of me and I know if you could send me a little note you would say just that.  Im proud of me too, im proud of all of us.

Happy Summer Dad, but its almost Fall now and the boys need you back at the farm….

Love Always and Forever,


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Update coming soon…

With so many things going on in my world I dont even know where or how to begin writing.  This summer has been treating me well, really well actually and im just sitting back, relaxing and enjoying it.  One day soon Ill send out an update, until then here’s a little video my sis made, it makes me smile….

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